“Dignity of Risk” with the Center for Guardianship Excellence

Our founder, Shannon Butler, shared her experience and knowledge with the Center for Guardianship Excellence as part of their Guardianship Rounds series. The topic: Dignity of Risk.

From the Center for Guardianship Excellence:

“Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday for our Rounds session with Certified Master Guardian Shannon Butler of Ethical Solutions in Minnesota, and for engaging in a great conversation about “dignity of risk.”

Ms. Butler shared a story about her former client “David” who wished to remain in the community even though it was thought that a group home placement would be best for him. He had been kicked out of several group homes in the past as he had a history of difficulty getting along with others, and had also been banned from many resources such as public transportation, medical providers, and other local businesses due to his erratic behavior and also suffered from several medical challenges. Shannon’s hands-on approach and really getting to know her client’s personal history paid huge dividends in helping him get the resources in place to remain in the community in his own apartment.”

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